The Big Twang
Hotell Hulingen
D. 2014.10.05 Kl. 18:00

a.k.a. Las Hultsfreed Grind.

Time to disconnect the microphone again. The second edition of

The Big Twang’s coming up. This is an strictly instrumental event, in fact it’s the only one in northern Europe. No song will ever be heard but it’s gonna be loud and noisy anyway.

And sweaty!

Hell yeah!

It’s the wild and dangerous The Intruders we’re talking about

supported by the fabulous exotica gods Ìxtahuele .

As if that weren’t enough the tremendous tiki trio Stefan Kéry ,

DJ Undertaker and Reverend Billy Hill gonna play there

favorite 50´and 60´s instrumentals at wonderful 45 rpm.

Let yourself be swept away by the formidable burlesque dances by the stunnin’ Baby Bonaparte . Ooh my god! This is good!

We’re almost done here so please take part of our breathtaking

offers on tickets , hotel and dinners. And by the way,

did we mention the drinks ?

Put on your suits and dresses and remember that this is a

Hultsfreed Hayride fabrication! Quality guaranteed!

Our lips are sealed!

Insläpp kl 18.00
Slut kl 02.00

Åldersgräns 18 år