A Warm Wave Concert
Musikens Hus
D. 2015.29.05 Kl. 19:00

Musikens Hus & Twice a Man presenterar:
A Warm Wave Concert
Live: Alvar + Keluar + Red Mecca + Twice a Man + Vólkova
Musikens Hus - Göteborg
Fredag 29 maj 2015 kl 19.00
Öppet till 02.00
Ålder 18 år

Twice a Man presents A Warm Wave Concert Gbg
The concept of Warm Wave was originally coined by César Canali (Vólkova) and Chris Inlaw in front of the release Not so Cold, "A Warm Wave Compilation".
In the early 80´s when Twice a Man initiated their music style in Scandinavia, many critics and others, blamed the band for playing dark, depressive music and gave the name "Cold Wave" to their genre, picking on that synthesizers were not real instruments. "You just push buttons". Obviously we disagree. 
It is rather interesting to see that the current development in this genre, what ever you call it, is often driven by women. For the occasion A Warm Wave Concert Gbg we have invited some of the best new bands in this genre…

Vólkova is an Argentine duo, César Canali and Paula Lazzarino, originally from Buenos Aires, formed in early 2013, which recreates the atmosphere of electronic and experimental bands and a reminiscent of early industrial music. Influenced by the minimal wave and post-industrial music.
"We are passionate. Our red blood runs through our veins. We are not individualistic beings oblivious to our environment. We do not sink into our own sadness because we believe it would be an act of cowardice. We believe in rebellion. We believe in battling within the oppressive machinery that has not dominated us yet. We crave that unquenchable fire!"

Red Mecca is from Sundsvall, Sweden. They have released two albums so far, ’You were never here’ and last years highly acclaimed ’Covered with rain’.
"Red Mecca rebooted. Frida Madeleine makes entrance as a permanent vocalist. She will lift and highlight the darkly massive and moody synthezised atmosphere with her brittle but yet powerful voice. We dream together in a waking state. Of the whispering and screaming memories in an abandoned house in the middle of the forest in the north.
We are about to disappear into black sunrises. We observe the monsters, dwindling to clockwork-toys on their shelves. Electronica with its roots in the post-punk, but filtered through the numerous snapshots and life-changing consequences of the marvelous history of love and hate. Jan Strandqvist, formerly keyboardist and percussionist of Brända Barn, is at the helm of the airship along with Frida Madeleine."

Keluar, based in Berlin, is a duo consisting of the electronic sounds of Sid Lamar (DE) and the voice and words of Zoè Zanias (AU). They have released two EPs, ‘Ennoea’ and ‘Vitreum’, on Desire Records, presenting a mix of vintage hardware, software and found sounds together with carefully crafted lyrics that explore personal and emotional themes in the guise of natural and supernatural phenomenon. The self-titled debut album, released in June 2014, contains both EPs as well as two remixes by Soft Riot and Distel.

"People love to believe their ‘selves’ to be solid structures capable of weathering the storm that is life, but really we’re all just convoluted masses of memories, thoughts and desires that are never the same from one moment to the next. We are fluid entities, incapable of stability but endlessly changing and adapting. That is something to be embraced, and it’s what makes our emotional lives so interesting." 


Alvar, a.k.a. Alvarets 4 Ryttare, is a duo; married couple Jonas and Johanna, living in Stockholm, Sweden. They tag their music as old-school industrial, techno, noice, electronic body music.

”it´s all about extinction of mankind, folklore traditions and the darkest of nightmares”


Twice a Man. In 1981 the electro punk group Cosmic Overdose reformed as Twice a Man and became one of the first entirely electronic bands in Scandinavia. Dan Söderqvist & Karl Gasleben initially created reasonably accessible dark wave/synthpop songs, but with time they progressed into experimental & ambient domains. During the 90's the band became a project group, composing music for film, dance and theatre performances, audio books and computer games. In recent years they have been making concerts with music from their "classic" 80´s period. In 2014 Jocke Söderqvist, who was in the line-up 1983-86, again joined the band to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the album From a Northern Shore. This line-up will continue in 2015. They are currently working on a new album.


A Warm Wave Concert will also be performed for Klubb Död at Debaser Medis in Stockholm the 30th of May.


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