Atari Teenage Riot
Sticky Fingers
D. 2015.03.10 Kl. 19:00

Legendariska electropunk-bandet Atari Teenage Riot till Sticky Fingers den 3:e oktober!

Of all the bands that sold a million records in the 90s Atari Teenage Riot's reformation in 2010 beckoned the critic's cutting condemnation. A triumphant sellout concert in front of nigh on a thousand rabid fans stopped them in their tracks and instead the blogs were covered with reports of an electrifying return. Their album ‘Is This Hyperreal?’ was celebrated as "the ultimate protest album of the Google age," dealing with WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Hackers, the freedom the internet brought to the suppressed, censorship, the surveillance state, cyber terrorism and digital decay, a term which describes the disaffected masses abandoning the internet when they realized that it wasn't free but infested with government controls.