The 1975
Fryshuset - Arenan
D. 2016.06.04 Kl. 19:30

De har hyllats för sin blandning av artpop, indierock, pop och r'n'b och spelat för euforiska fans världen över. Senaste gången The 1975 besökte Sverige var 2014 – då inför ett totalt slutsålt Debaser Medis. Nu kan vi stolt meddela att ett av Storbritanniens just nu största indierock-band återvänder till Stockholm nästa år – 6 april på Fryshuset (Arenan).

I ett brev skriver sångaren Matthew Healy följande:

"Dear friends of The 1975,

I/we/The 1975 are currently in production of our second full length record. It's creation signifies the end of the most inspiring and challenging time that we've ever shared as friends and artists. We simply couldn't of imagined connecting with as many people as we have since the release of our debut 2013. We've toured the world playing over 25 000 shows in 400 different countries (that's a slight exaggeration but it was a lot) and we've had the privilege of encountering the countless faces that make up our incredibly loyal and ebulliently peculiar fan base. It is that loyalty that have inspired me to write this letter, scrappy as it may be.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for The 1975. Our new record signifies the start of a new world to us, a more colorful world, a less colorful world. We want to play shows, we want a real shared experience, we want to play HUGE shows that we never thought were possible, we want to play sets at festivals that people talk about forever cos it was fun and it was music and the weather was perfect and we want to be honest, otherwise: what's the fucking point.

So the best way to start is the way we did before - in venues we have loved and places that feel intimate enough do to a proper new show with people who really want to be there. Or need to be there in extreme cases. We've decided to start touring again this year, november 2015. Due to the size of the venues (small) that we feel are appropriate for this particular tour and taking into consideration the humbling dedication I've felt from a lot of our fans I predict only the most dedicated ones will end up with tickets. This can only be remedied by our reciprocated dedication to playing more and more shows. I'll see you soon with more music and drama and you've known the title all along.


Matty & The 1975"

Åldersgräns 13 år.

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