Crvena Jabuka
Folkets Hus Mölndal
D. 2015.18.12 Kl. 21:00

Moj Geteborg presenterar:
Crvena Jabuka
Folkets Hus - Mölndal
Fredag 18 december 2015 kl 21.00
Ålder 18 år med förköp
275 kr i förköp, 300 kr i dörren i mån av plats.

Crvena jabuka ("Red apple") is a Sarajevo-based rock/pop band that originated in 1985, and since then has remained very popular. They were also a part of the so-called New Primitives movement that occurred in the 1980s in the Former Yugoslavia territory.

Crvena Jabuka has undergone many lineup changes through the years, but the only two members to last in every lineup are drummer Darko Jelcic and Drazen Zeric. Zeric played keyboards and sang backing vocals on their debut album, but then became the lead singer with the death of Drazen Ricl and Aljosa Buha. Kresemir Kastelan, and Niksa Bratos come in third and fourth as the longest-standing members respectively.

The band's heyday was between 1985 and 1992. In 1992, long-time contributor, rhythm guitarist/songwriter Zlatko Arslanagic quit the band which resulted in a major rift in the band. However, the group re-located to Zagreb around late summer 1994 and by 1996 had reinvented their image and continue their career to this very day.


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