Black River Delta
D. 2016.13.03 Kl. 19:00

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Black River Delta
Support: Elias A. Bolander
Pustervik - Matsalen - Göteborg
Söndag 13 mars 2016 kl 19.00
Ålder 18 år

Raw and bluesy. That's the sound of Black River Delta. Three friends from the northern parts of Sweden packed their guitars and moved down to the south. With inspiration from early blues like Robert Johnson, the raw style of R.L.

Burnside and the modern sound of Gary Clark Jr, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Dead Weather, they locked themselves into a studio.

The ninth of May 2015 their debut single Follow You Down was released. A series of gigs followed in Denmark, Sweden and Canada. With new material in mind the boys packed their stuff and headed homeward to their northern forest. After spending weeks in an old wooden cabin, recording everything themselves, an album was created. Devil on the loose, an 8 track album, is set to be released March 4, 2016. The sound is dirty, the riffs are raw, and the lyrics are naked and honest.

For the first time ever Sweden has a band true to the name of blues, performed by three persons seemingly possessed by the souls of rock stars long gone.

Erik Jacobs, guitar and vocals
Erik Nilsson, drums and vocals
Pontus Ohlsson, guitar and harmonica

Elias A. Bolander är en 21-årig låtskrivare och artist från Göteborg. 2013 släppte han sin debut-EP ’Old Signs’ som ett år senare fick en re-release på skivbolaget Lighthouse Records. Med låtar som enklast kan beskrivas som melankolisk folkmusik tar han plats på scen med de enklaste av verktyg, hans röst och hans gitarr.


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