Dehydrated Raw Vegan (Un)Cooking Course Part2
Blå Rummet Västerbottensteatern
D. 2016.28.04 Kl. 18:00

Welcome to the first part of this special course where you will learn some of the most popular dehydrated recipes that have been invented and served at Bliss Cafe by Shantimaya.

Over the past two years these recipes have been much liked and many have asked us about the recipes and the way they have been made and here we go by sharing their secrets step by step.

All the recipes are raw vegan and dehydrated under temperature below 42 celsious degree.

To see the menu of this course check the event wall for posted photos.

Raw food the healthies food on planet when made with care and love and including dehydrated food into your rawfood intake will add more fun and wider dining experience that many appreciate it even those who originally would have not been interested in rawfood.

All recipes are created and presented by Shantimaya, founder of Bliss Cafe and author of the vegetarian cooking book ''Kitchen of Love'' and the new raw vegan coming book ''Kitchen of Life''.

Price: 650 kr (purchased online)

Limited space! Booking in advance is required!