Roadhouse Diet
Blå Rummet Västerbottensteatern
D. 2016.30.04 Kl. 20:00

Based in Nyhammar, Sweden, Roadhouse Diet evoke an revitalized groove spanning from Muddy Waters to early ZZ-top via Johnny Winter to Led Zeppelin. Imagine if Led Zeppelin had'nt been art-students ...but sons of hard working farmers instead. Then they might have sounded something like this. The future Kings of Rock'N'Roll saw the light of day in 2013, this quartet Jonas Kjellgren(vocals and guitar), Johan Ahlberg(guitar), Peter Tägtgren(Drums),Kenneth Seil(bass) produces a guitardriven boogie, filled with bluesy riffing and screamin' leads, rock-solid drums and an earthshaking grooving bass, on top of that you have Jonas soaring vocals that cut thru with tons of attitude and character. Their first album Roadhouse Diet-Original soundtrack(released 2015 October 2nd thru Mojoholic Records), was recorded between august 2014 and january 2015. Produced by the bands own acclaimed Producer Jonas Kjellgren, with sound-wizard Peter Tägtgren behind him,there was not a problem getting the most slammin' tones from the production! The rest of 2015/2016 the quartet will be busy doing shows and writing songs for their next album which will be released late 2016.