Blå Rummet Västerbottensteatern
D. 2016.03.05 Kl. 18:00

AIT Music Production and Goldenzwaig Creative Solutions proudly present ETT ANNAT RYSSLAND - Russian cultural festival in Stockholm & DIANA ARBENINA

NIGHT SNIPERS (Ночные Снайперы, «Nochnye Snaipery») is a cult rock band from Russia. It was founded in 1993 by DIANA ARBENINA and her kindred spirit musicians. The band has released over 20 records since then – the most recent one “Only Lovers Will Survive” in February 2016 to great critical acclaim. Songs from the album and the hits that most Russian speakers around the world know by heart, will lay ground for the program that ARBENINA will perform in Stockholm.

Her best known singles are Tridtsatpervaya Vesna ("31st Spring"), Rubezh ("Frontier"), Stolitsa ("Capital"), Asfalt ("Asphalt"), to name only a few. The most of the songs in the band's repertoire is written by ARBENINA, but some use the poetry of such authors as Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, and Federico Garcia Lorca. She is one of few Russian rock artists who write and perform both in their native language and in English. Besides songs, ARBENINA writes poetry and prose. She was awarded the prestigious “Triumph” Literature Prize.

It is no exaggeration to say that DIANA ARBENINA's emotional and sophisticated art encapsulates the soul of the Russian intelligentsia. For a generation of Russian music lovers she remains an unparalleled artist: a strong, charismatic female role model.

ARBENINA is also an official Russian ambassador for the world-renowned Gibson guitar brand and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In 2016, she was invited to take part in the national TV show Glavnaya Scena (“The Main Stage”, analogue to “Idol”) as a jury member.

Maybe, even more importantly, DIANA ARBENINA has recently become one of the frontfigures of the anti-war stance in Russia. “I don’t want them to be able to tear us apart and embroil our peoples,” she famously said, opening the concert in Ukrainian Kyiv in 2014.

At the same time, DIANA ARBENINA launched an anniversary tour that literally covered the whole world: from the Australian to Californian shores. She has recently celebrated 20 years on stage. The time has come to turn the page of her artist biography. The hits of the NIGHT SNIPERS, DIANA ARBENINA’s signature acoustic program, her fierce anti-songs and trenchant prose are now presented to the audience in Europe.

Come and witness her one and only show in Scandinavia within the European tour, at the best rock venue in Sweden.

What is ETT ANNAT RYSSLAND (“Another Russia”)?

Festival concept

Diana Arbenina’s concert continues the series of events under the umbrella of Ett Annat Ryssland (“Another Ryssland”): a club festival in Stockholm, devoted to contemporary Russian culture.

Russia is constantly present in the media flow: the country's cultural and media policy development sends warning signals. At the same time, Russia is historically known as a country with rich and diverse culture: its brave artists, film directors, writers and journalists have always taken a stand against freedom restrictions. How does the Russian cultural elite react to the dramatic situation in the cultural and media space? What does it cost to take the risk and talk about tabooed issues from the stage? And last but not least – how can this be interesting for the audience in Sweden?

The new festival strives to present an important segment of the Russian culture that is otherwise not really visible in Europe. The project's ambition is to introduce contemporary Russian music, art, documentary film to the Swedish audience in a broad spectrum. To show that there is a different Russia. To create a new artistic experience where different genres merge - and launch an important dialogue about the situation of democratic culture and media in modern Russia.

Festival’s concerts, film screenings, open discussions will take place in Stockholm during spring 2016.

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