AcroYoga FOCUS Workshop (8.May)
Blå Rummet Västerbottensteatern
D. 2016.08.05 Kl. 11:30

AcroYoga Focus Workshop 8.May

with Nina & Boris - Malmö


In all the workshops we will divide the techniques for basic and experienced. The techniques will be different in each workshop, and it is no necessary to come to all workshops.


The whole spectrum of the practice between solar & lunar.

Asanas, Handstands, Acrobatic Flying, Flows, Washing Machines, Flying Massage, Massage.

For whom?

This workshops are for everyone who want to get deep into details and want a boost for the personal practice.


Ungdomens Hus

Torpgatan 21, Sal 11, Malmö



Early Bird on 21 April

Early Bird: 350 SEK / 300 SEK student or low income

Regular price: 450 SEK / 380 SEK student or low income

The spaces are limited, so book your place now!

To bring

- Yoga mat (we have few, but not for everyone)

- Water bottle

- Blanket (if you want to be extra comfortable for the thai massage)

- Comfortable training clothing

Specific suggested focus

Basic: Basic positions & transitions such as Side plank, Rev.Throne, Leaps, Ninja Throne

Intermediate: Maple seed, Rotisserie

Advanced: Squirrel Roll, Piston, Hold the Throne, Rotor, Nunchakus, Helicopter 1 & 2

Everyone: Handstand training & spotting, thai massage & flying massage

Note: The program of each workshop may change depending on the needs of the group.

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