Chico Trujillo
Folkets Bar
D. 2016.25.05 Kl. 20:00

Chico Trujillo är ett av Sydamerikas hetaste band. De har röjt sönder otaliga scener runt om i världen och New York times callar de för “ A world class party”. Missa inte när de kommer till Folkets Bar.


► Folket Bar presenterar: Chico Trujillo

► Chico Trujillo

► 25 maj, 20.00 – 23.00

► Förköp: 170 kr, Dörren: 220 Kr


After 10 years of playing in Santiago’s cumbia-punk undgerground, Chico Trujillo has somehow grown to become the most important band in Chile, and perhaps the best Cumbia band on the planet. Walking the streets of their homeland you cannot escape their sound, as everyone from taxi drivers to presidents are counted amongst their fans. They are at once everyone and no one, the superstars from the barrio who never left. They are the soundtrack to ever party and wedding, the melody the street musicians are trying to play, and the obligatory sing-a-long with your friends around the campfire. Their live shows are a circus, always unique and always sold out, having already burned place in the history of rock in Chile.

Recently their sound has begun to travel across borders, driving Europeans crazy and waking up Americans to a previously unknown take on classic Cumbia. Pioneers of what has been called the New Chilean Cumbia, they present a never before heard fusion of punk rock energy, classic latin grooves, South American folklore, Balkan brass madness, and a touch of ska, all mixed together with equal parts gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride and cumbia ... mucha cumbia.