Acro Overload - a Daniel Scott & Lux Workshop
Globala gymnasiet
D. 2016.03.06 Kl. 19:00


Our goal is simple: come for the knowledge, stay for the experience, leave more talented than ever.

Join two of AcroYoga's most (in)famous professors of higher movement for an intensive weekend of practice and play. Uniquely talented in their own arts, Lux (AcroGasm) and Daniel Scott (Namastache) co-created some AcroYoga's most innovative and enjoyable washing machines. Often imitated, yet never duplicated, they have decided to come together and share their valuable insights with the global community.

Are you ready for an Acro Overload?!

A good practice is not measure by strength, flexibility, or flash. True skill comes from a deep understanding of sensitivity. This weekend will offer tools to improve a Base's ability to support their partner, a Flyer's ability to connect to their Base, and a Spotter's ability to support through active containment.

The weekend will progress organically, starting from an advanced approach to fundamental skills before moving upwards to more challenging (and strange) transitions. This is NOT about speed or power, but grace and fluidity-- movement into and out of stillness.

L-basing skills are the main focus. Standing work will be presented.

Transitions between the two may or may not happen...

Curious to know more? Show Up!

Need proof of Lux or Daniel's creative skills? Search YouTube for "SeattleAcro", "AcroGasm", or "Daniel Scott Yoga"

Coming in partnership or groups is recommended, although lone wolves are certainly welcome!



Friday: 19-22

Sat: 10 - 18 (lunch 13-14.30)

Sun: 10 - 18 (lunch 13-14.30)



The amount of spots is limited to 100 people in total. Tickets will be released during week 9 (29 feb - 6 march), pricing:

Early bird, 25 tickets: 1450:-

Mid bird, 25 tickets: 1650:-

Regular ticket, 50 tickets: 1750:-

10% discount for non-Sweden residents

First the Early-bird tickets are released, then the Mid-bird, and after that the regular tickets.



Any thoughts or questions regarding this event? Don´t hesitate e-mail, text-message or call Tobias Strollo:

[email protected]




Book flights as early as possible to get the low prices. There are many affordable flights to Stockholm, find yours here:






There are many friendly acro-souls in Stockholm - so try call out for a couch to surf right on this event, or choose a hostel or other solution:



A couple of hostels in the area