D. 2016.28.10 Kl. 20:00

Wintergatan har de senaste månaderna hyllats runt hela världen för en sång framförd med en märklig hemmabyggd maskin, med ett filmklipp som spridits som en löpeld över hela världen:


Efter 18,5 miljoner views på YouTube väntar världen med spänning på hur Wintergatan kommer trollbinda sin publik live!

Den 28 oktober får Eskilstunaborna veta svaret!

Biljetterna släpps idag!


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In Autumn 2012 Swedish act Wintergatan burst on to the music scene with their innovative debut track and music video ”Sommarfågel”. The world received its first glimpse of their sparkling sound and methodology.Wintergatan followed “Sommarfågel” with the release of their self­­titled debut album in the Spring of 2013, on their independent record label.

In November 2014, after touring for a solid 18 months, Wintergatan’s founding member Martin Molin decided to switch gears and embark on a visionary project with one goal; to build a programmable Marble Machine. Wintergatan had previously hand built some of their instruments, notably the Modulin and the Music Box which can be seen in the ”Starmachine2000” video, but the Marble Machine came to be the most ambitious and challenging instrument of all.

The build, which was estimated to take two months, stretched to a gruelling 14 months. But through perseverance, relentless belief and mastering the trial and error method, Martin’s dream of a Marble Machine became a reality.

Three days after releasing the Marble Machine video, it had been viewed over 10 million times around the world. Wintergatan had been propelled onto the world stage.

Having first formed in 2011, Wintergatan are a close­ knit operation that take pride in the ability to adapt and invent. The four members of the band all play several instruments and if there is a need for a new instrument someone figures out how to use it.

The band members are:

Martin Molin ­specializes in vibraphone and music box

Evelina Hägglund specializes in keyboards

David Zandén­ specializes in bass

Marcus Sjöberg specializes in drums

The members of Wintergatan grew up in four separate small towns in Sweden, that shared a common thread, there wasn’t a whole lot to do unless you made it nhappen. Unbeknownst to each other they spent their time in a similar way, experimenting with music, until they united. Before forming Wintergatan Martin Molin earned his stripes as a member of the band

Detektivbyrån who released 2 highly acclaimed records between 2006 and 2010 titled ”E18” and ”Wermland”.

Wintergatan is Swedish for "The Milky Way". The name came to the band during a recording session for their debut album when they were nestled deep in a dense Swedish forest. On cloudless nights there, spared the distractions of city lights, they gazed at our our galaxy lying tilted; a sketch crossing the starry sky. The sensation of being an intrinsic part of this vast galaxy gave name to Wintergatan.Wintergatan’s music is about music and musical instruments. With pounding beats at the bottom and Music boxes towards the high end, it is both big and minimalistic. Being instrumental, Wintergatan’s sound is driven by melodies and speaks the universal language of music.


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Photo: Samuel Westergren