Tyla Gang
East West
D. 2016.01.10 Kl. 21:30

Sean Tyla med Tyla Gang gör ett nedslag i Örebro 17 januari, då blir det ROCK N’ ROLL med stora bokstäver.

Pubrockscenen i London blev ett begrepp i början på 70-talet med grupper om Brinsley Schwarz, Kursaal Flyers och Ducks Deluxe. Man spelade på små scener med liten anläggning och publiken tätt intill. I pausen hängde man i baren och drack en pint eller två. Det var en välkommen motreaktion till den pompösa distanserande arenarocken som allt mer tagit över.

"One of the pioneering figures on the British pub rock scene, Sean Tyla was a champion of tough, straightforward rock & roll through the 1970s and '80s, and saw his profile rise as the advent of new wave and punk created a more welcoming climate for his no-frills style. Sean played his first professional gig in 1966. Notable among the bands he has featured in since are Help Yourself, Ducks Deluxe, the Tyla Gang, The Force [with Deke Leonard] and more recently with Billy Bremner and Micke Finell, the Swedish superstar band, Trouble Boys.

Real chart success came for Tyla as a solo artist in the ’80’s. He scored several European chart hits with both singles and albums especially in Germany. He re-formed both Ducks Deluxe and the Tyla Gang in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Though the Ducks finally called it a day in 2012, Tyla has continued to work extensively as a solo artist and with the Tyla Gang all over Scandinavia and Europe. He has no intention of retiring - ever! He is about to publish the second and final part of his 2010 autobiography, working on a musical and planning more celebratory dates for this, his 70th year on the planet. It's time to rock!’

Sean and his Tyla Gang co-founders, Bruce Irvine (guitar) and Michael Desmarais (drums) will tour Europe this year with guest bass players to celebrate the ‘Godfather of Boogie’s’ seventh decade as a human being, more than 50 years of which have been dedicated to rock ’n roll."