Rawfood Yoga Detox Retreat
Bliss Cafe
D. 2016.30.09 Kl. 17:00

Welcome to this recharging, cleansing, and strengthening residential retreat where we will share a journey of health, happiness, growth and self-connection while freeing our bodies from loads of toxins that have been building up over time.

Toxins build up in the body on daily basis in the normal course of life through subjecting it to unhealthy food and drinks, chemicals, sedentary and hectic lifestyle, lack of exercise, and other different exposures to pollution, all of that which create pressure and stress on the internal detoxifying organs affecting their cleansing capacity and allowing toxins to accumulate. Increased level of toxicity causes many diseases.

Through this retreat we will follow a special program that is designed to activate and accelerate the detox process in a gentle and efficient way through fresh juices, smoothies, herbal teas and raw food, opening up the cleansing channels and drainage in the body, using certain methods including fasting, colon flush, mud packs, reflexology, homeopathy and yoga.

Every day we will practice yoga and meditation (morning and evening) and will drink freshly juiced vegetables and fruits, nourishing superfood and detox smoothies, herbal teas and every evening there will be a raw (un)cooking course learning how to prepare delicious raw food.

By the end of the retreat you will feel reborn into a healthier, cleaner and stronger body and mind and you will feel more sentient and blossomed into your inner potentials and infinite self.

You will also leave the retreat with knowledge and tools in hand that you can continue to use on your own afterward.

Raw food:

This food is packed with nutrition; vitamins, minerals and enzymes that have not been destroyed by heat and where its vital force has been maintained. Juices, smoothies and raw food are fun and great way for detox as this gives the body the required rest to cleanse and the needed energy and strength to heal while enjoying a refined culinary experience.


Yoga and meditation:

Regular practice of yoga removes tension and stress from the body and heals the inner body’s systems, organs and glands, balancing their functions, activating a deeper level of accelerated detox process.

Combined with meditation it will allow emotional cleansing by strengthening and sharpening the mind, giving clarity for the thought, healing emotions and connecting with the inner strength and infinite peace.



Homeopathy is a complimentary system of medicine with integrated and holistic approach for treating physical and mental diseases in the most natural and effective ways using natural and non-toxic remedies for restoring balance into the immune system so that the immune system itself is strengthened and enabled to deal with the health disturbances.

In this retreat we will use certain homeopathic and herbal combinations which will contribute to a more efficient and accelerated detox process.


This retreat with its program is designed, run and presented by Shantimaya; a yoga and meditation teacher (www.yogameditationstockholm.se) a homeopath and health consultant (www.homeopathy.se) and founder of Stockholm’s first raw vegan café (www.blisscafe.se)

He is also the author of one wonderful vegetarian cooking book (www.kitchenoflove.org) and currently writing his new raw vegan book ‘’Kitchen of Life’’.

Shantimaya has been teaching and running seminars and retreats over the past years in many different countries including Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Location: Visionsgården in Tystberga

Serene place sorrounded with beautiful forest!

(You can travel with SL card to Gnesta and from there you can be picked up to the retreat location for low fare)

Date: 30 Sep - 2 Oct

Arrival Friday 17.00

Departure Sunday 15.00

Cost: 2900 kr (All cost of accommodation, food and seminar fees are included)