Carl Verheyen Essential Blues Tour
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D. 2018.04.09 Kl. 19:30

Los Angeles – Carl Verheyen, recognized as “One of the World’s Top 10 Guitarists” by Guitar Magazine and “One of the Top 100 Guitarists of All Time” by Classic Rock magazine, as well as guitarist for music legends Supertramp, will bring his three-member Carl Verheyen Band on a Fall tour of Europe to support the release of his new album ”Essential Blues.”

The Carl Verheyen Band’s tour will be a rare chance for audiences to experience a powerful mix of blues, rock, jazz and even country from three world-class musicians in comparatively intimate venues. The Grammy-nominated Verheyen is joined by renowned bassist Dave Marotta, who has also performed with Phil Collins, Neil Diamond, Bruce Hornsby, Gino Vanelli, Manhattan Transfer, Kenny Loggins, and countless others. Marotta has also played bass on dozens of widely known movies and TV shows, ranging from American Idol to CSI. Drummer will be announced soon.

Verheyen’s 40+ years of solo, band, and studio guitar work have progressed to where hardly a day goes by during which anyone with access to music, movies, or television doesn’t hear him. As a first-call studio guitarist, Verheyen is the guitar behind some of the most popular TV shows (Seinfeld, Frazier, Cheers, Happy Days, LA Law, Married with Children, among others) and movies (Star Trek, The Usual Suspects, Ratatouille, The Negotiator, hundreds more) of all time. In addition to his duties as Supertramp’s guitarist, he has performed and recorded with a who’s-who of music giants, ranging from the great BB King, to Joe Bonamassa, Cher, Brad Paisley, Christina Aguilera, The Bee Gees, and hundreds of others. Verheyen provided one-on-one guitar lessons for John Fogerty, members of Maroon 5 and System of a Down and was a featured soloist at the Academy Awards, playing live to a TV audience of more than 67 million.

For the past 30 years he’s performed in arenas in the 20,000 seat range with Supertramp. He has released 14 of his own CDs, mixing band music with solo efforts such as his 2015 recording “Alone,” a solo acoustic improvisational release. His newest recording called “Essential Blues” will be released in Fall of this year.

Carl describes the upcoming tour:
The deeper you dig into the blues, the more stylistic nuances you find. From the Delta to the Piedmont region, from Chicago to Texas and even to the UK, the subtle ornamentation of each style has always fascinated me. But at the heart of all good blues is musician or singer baring his or her soul. Etta James singing “I’d Rather Go Blind,” Jimi Hendrix doing “Voodoo Chile” (the long version) or Eric Clapton singing “Bell Bottom Blues” inspire because they have found a way to tap into the many soulful people that came before them. Albert King and Mike Bloomfield, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Duane Allman did the same. My goal for this tour is to find the Essential Blues that resonates with me and dig deep, hopefully tapping into that creative pool of tradition and my own artistic signature.

“Every time I start to feel good about my playing and general overall knowledge of the guitar, I will get together with Carl and see truly how far I have to go. I am proud to call him my friend. A master of the guitar and a helluva nice guy to boot.” -Joe Bonamassa “Carl is so overwhelming to sit in a room and jam with, let alone his playing on records and stage. You get the impression there is no style or territory he is unable to explore.” -Brad Paisley “Carl is known as a studio guitar player but he’s much more than that. His records have the great feel of a live player. He plays with a lot of feeling.” -John Fogerty The new CARL VERHEYEN BAND The Grand Design is out now and the

“The Grand Design” documentary is now online:

A member of the smash hit British rock group Supertramp since 1985, Carl has played to millions of enthusiastic fans in sold out arenas worldwide. As the creative force behind the Carl Verheyen Band, he has released an impressive and eclectic discography that showcases his endless talents across a wide array of musical genres. Carl Verheyen writes a monthly column for Guitar Player Magazine, performs as the guitarist in Supertramp, has released & toured throughout the world with the Carl Verheyen Band, and has appeared on the soundtracks for many films and t.v. series.