Norbergfestival 2011
Mimerlaven, Norberg
D. 2011.28.07 Kl. 12:00

Norbergfestival takes place in Norberg, a small town where iron was mined for hundreds of years. No other place is better suited for modern electronic music than this decaying industrial setting. No other festival offers a large mysterious concrete building, with stairs, plateaus and loud music. You can wander around and find your own "sweet spot" to enjoy abstract art, lights and rusty iron machinery. Lie down, close your eyes and dream of something weird for a while, or just dance all night. Visit Norberg on 28 - 30 July 2011. It will be the highlight of your summer, or perhaps of your life.


Arr: Norbergfestival med stöd av Västmanlandsmusiken m.fl.