Mnozil Plays Mnozil
D. 2012.29.04 Kl. 19:00

Mnozil plays Mnozil

In “Mnozil plays Mnozil” Mnozil Brass is playing typical Mnozil songs from various mnoziverses: Mnozil is mnozilising through the Wild Mnozilstan, fighting against the fierce Mnozila, falling in love with sweet Mnozily, before, completely mnozorised, finally arriving at Mnoziel, their final destination, and then the Mnozert is over.

In a nutshell: “Mnozil plays Mnozil” is a retrospection of various programs, where the seven gentlemen cheerfully dig into the large treasure chest of their numerous shows to enchant any well-disposed ear with exactly those pieces, they can’t keep themselves from listening to over and over again, either.

We guarantee a very entertaining and amusing evening – that’s for sure by now!