2.35:1 Gluteus Maximus, Högni Egilsson - Jack Schidt & President Bongo
D. 2012.27.01 Kl. 23:00

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Högni Egilsson is a singer and composer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Högni is the frontman for the Icelandic pop/orchestral outfit Hjaltalín. Hjaltalín has released three albums, Sleepdrunk Seasons, Terminal and Alpanon, a live cd/dvd recorded with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Recently Högni joined the Icelandic techno collective Gus Gus on their newly released Arabian Horse.


The capital of Iceland, Reyjkavik, is considered one of the best cities when it comes to clubs and music. Much of that fame is thanks to their best DJ Jack Schidt a.k.a Margeir St Ingolfsson who's since the 90's, beens arranging the best danceparties as resident DJ on the legendary clubs Sirkus and Kaffibarinn.

Besides several releases on Gus Gus label Pineapple, Margeir together with President Bongo, got the honour of doing the first official remix of a song of Sigur Ros. The result, Gobblidigook (Gluteus Maximus Remix) is a minimalistic masterpiece.


As I ask the President about his artist name he is more than willing to tell me all about it! "In the Iceland underground it is an unwritten rule that one cannot choose his own dj name, as there is a big tradition here for giving people their nick names. There is Gummi Leather, Siggi Majones, Margeir Mcgyver, Keli Kaldi etc and mine I got after returning from Africa in 2001. My sister and her family live there and I visited during the re-elections of the late Omar Bongo. I returned to Iceland with bags of t-shirts and accessories that were distributed in the streets of Libreville. I had just begun to work on a video script with director Dagur Kári Pétursson and, well, to make a long story short Dagur saw it fit to call me "President" as I was wearing all these promotions from Omar. And thus my name was President Bongo! And now there is only me." - explains President Bongo with a single bead dripping from his upper lip, and adds: "May the original rest in peace!"

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