2.35:1 Prosumer & Steffi
D. 2012.21.04 Kl. 23:00

2.35:1 presents Prosumer & Steffi

We are proud to once again present our favorite from Berlin, Steffi. But thats not all, this time we also give you another Panorama Bar resident, Prosumer!


Prosumer has grown to be one of the most impressive producers and DJs of today. His artist name stems from Alvin Toffler’s significant science-fiction book The Third Wave, which also inspired Juan Atkins to call his music “techno” and fuses “producer“ and “consumer” into one.

In reality, that’s what Prosumer does. He produces and consumes house music. Being the essence of his creative work, he deals with it in a way that is traditional, honest, up-front and most of all very personal. There are no limitations; stereotypes lose their impact and the supposedly very rigid formulary of house music, suddenly bears new entries. Of course, the base is rock-solid: Detroit, Chicago and New York are the twin cities that shaped his sound since he started playing records in the late nineties. But the Panorama Bar resident always has been one to accept ricochets from all kinds of camps, times and systems. The only rule: emotionality trumps effectiveness.


Steffi is very much a jack of all trades. She is a resident DJ at the Panorama Bar in Berlin, running a record label and has organized many parties and clubs in categories that go on the side of what is called mainstream. In addition to having helped to drive a monster of a nightclub Berghain and Panorama Bar, she has a background in the underground scene in Amsterdam. Steffi deliver full text of the last of anything from electronic disco to serious detroit or Dutch electronica. However, based much of her music from the house and funk

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