2.35:1 Nima Khak & Ray Kajioka
D. 2012.27.04 Kl. 23:00

2.35:1 presents Nima Khak & Ray Kajioka


2011 has been a busy year for Nima. Besides his residency here at 2.35:1 – one of Stockholm´s electronic music hot spots, he played at Amsterdam Dance Event, starting up the label 1:53.2 (first release in the beginning of 2012), released on ISL and for the 15 years of Drumcode collection, remixes for Patrik Siech, Pehr Genlogue and Svenska Björnstammen to name a few.

As a part of the new wave of Swedish techno artists Nima Khak is carving his own imprint on the genre with a deep groove and a pulsating beat, clear and consistent idea, forever curious, forever exploring.


The latest member to join the 1:53.2 family. He's been a techno producer, DJ and live performer since 1995. He is well-known for his work on Kanzleramt Music, Rotation Records, MakTub, Müller Records, as well as his remixes for names like Dave Clarke, Pawas, Joel Mull and Beroshima.

A distinguishing and striking aspect of his music is certainly the warm spheric and impulsive sound, which is constantly present in all his productions. Ray's live and DJ-performance encompasses all the elements of today's modern Techno-NuHouse, but has it’s feet firmly planted in the roots of the Detroit-vibe. "The typical Ray-sound!", as some call it simply, is appreciated all around the globe and had taken him to events in Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania amongst others.

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