2.35:1 Skudge (Live), Rivet & Bleak
D. 2012.28.04 Kl. 23:00

2.35:1 presents Skudge (LIVE), Rivet & Bleak

We are so happy to welcome back the talented Swedish duo to our basement at 2.35:1.

Machines do speak a language understood and appreciated by humans. Measured by the success of Skudge, an artistic duo that has delivered a lot in a very short time. Combining their inspiration and talent through wires and analogue equipment, they seem to always present something new - in a very faithful style.

What remains most significant on their output through the main label Skudge Records, as well as their remix material present on a row of different labels, it must be their exceptional sense of loops and unexpected detail in their productions.

Expect them to do what they do best - their own music on their own terms, meaning that wherever their journey brings to us and them, it will always be very tasteful.

When creating drive as well as Bleak does, not much can be said more clearly than his music itself. By simply putting everything into his tracks, Bleak goes deep into a state where nostalgia, the present and the future dwells, a place and atmosphere being well communicated through his personal style of techno.
When it comes to direction, Bleak is somebody to count on.
His productions are underpinned by a fat bass construction, evolving dark and surrealistic pads, chords and heavy rhythms. Giving away tremendous spaces of reverb and complicated structures in his music, pretty much inspired in the underground Techno and House styles of the 90´s.

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Age limit: 23+