Rocketroom #34
Debaser Slussen
D. 2012.24.08 Kl. 15:00

Welcome back after a very rainy summer but here at RocketRoom the music keep you warm. We got a night full of great bands and dj's so you can dance the night away!

From Finland we have the great rockin' band Mike Bell & The Belltones.
They have played many of the best weekenders around Europe and now they are finally here!

From the southern parts of Sweden we found Cherry Tess but this night she will do a set with our own The Domestic Bumblebees, gonna be a real treat for you!

Our guest Dj we have brought from Hamburg were he usually play at 20 Flight Rock and at The Rock-A-Billy All-nighter. He's name is Twistin' Sharky and he gonna keep the dancefloor busy til the end of the night.

in the Satellite Lounge will there be a very special night, we gonna take you back to WW2 when London was attacked by nazi bombplanes during the blitz and the Londoners had to get down in the tube for shelter.
But you need to party to keep your spirit up so we have the swinging Hornsgatan Ramblers to entertain you with their authentic jazz. There will be dj's and award for the best authentic WW2 outfit (please note ALLIED FORCES ONLY!).

Welcome to RocketRoom!