Rocket Room #35 - Big Sandy & Los Straitjackets + Danny & the Cappers
Debaser Medis
D. 2012.03.11 Kl. 19:00

In Mexico it's the day to celebrate the dead but we wanna celebrate the living too so we got a night filled with joy and great music for you all. Put your cat clothes on and get ready to dance the night away!

Big Sandy with Los Straitjackets (US)
The combination of one of the best voices in modern rockabilly and the kings of instrumental rocknroll could either be the worst idea ever or, as in this case, a brilliant idea! This is entertainment on a level the scale has no clue how to measure. You just have to relax and let yourself be blown away with a happy smile on your face!

Danny & the Cappers (SWE)
Before the Domestic Bumblebees there was Danny & the Cappers and we can proudly take you back to the origin. Small combo R&B with piano and sax and of course Danny's smoking guitar!

Our guest dj in the ballroom is one of the first rockabilly dj's in Stockholm.
Nick's Record Hop knows the score and will get the dancefloor packed all night together with RocketRoom's own Jungle Jim.

There will be lot's of other surprises and happenings during the night so don't miss this party!

Next RocketRoom will launch December 21st!