Rocketroom Christmas Countdown #36
Debaser Slussen
D. 2012.21.12 Kl. 19:00

It's that special time a year when you wanna make sure dear ol' Santa know you been good and there's actually only one place you can be certain he will believe you and that's at ROCKETROOM!

So to make sure Santa have a great time while listening to all your wishes we have a great lil party planned for you all!

The Delta Bombers (US)
One of Wild Records most popular band right now and with a great new cd out, The Delta Bombers gonna hit you like a bomb. Young guys from Las Vegas really know how to party and to tear up a stage finally in Sweden!

Jake Allen (UK)
Young London rocker Jake Allen have risen to become an upcoming star and we are proud to have him here. Wild, explosive show from the tattooed showman!

Mike Barbwire & The Blue Ocean Six
One of the most energetic, and talented surf musicians Mike Barbwire, bandleader of infamous Swedish act The Barbwires has been writing songs and recording.

Our resident dj Jungle Jim and jive master Ashley will keep the dancefloor busy all nite.

In the Satellite Lounge dj's Lil' Linn & Lil' Richard will play some small tunes on small records so you can do your lil dance on the lil dancefloor.

See you in December!