Paco De Lucia & Band
Stockholm Waterfront
D. 2013.28.06 Kl. 20:00

Inställt, Köpt biljett återlöses senast 28/7-13

The event is cancelled, refund your ticket before July 28 2013

Paco de Lucia the greatest living legend of Flamenco music today, performs with his group compositions from the last 30 years.

Accompanied by young artists, one can see him as the godfather of the music he transformed into the modern times. He is and remains a Flamenco guitarist but his wish to integrate new instruments and styles into traditional Flamenco is a gift that has influenced a complete generation of Spanish musicians.

Today he performs with young artists from Spain and Cuba. Tradition and modernity emerges from every note the band plays. Among the artists are ? Farruco? a young man from a family of dancers. His movements and staccato rhythms carry the audience away. ? Rubio de Pruna? one of the most acclaimed Flamenco Singers in Spain is considered the new Camarón de la Isla. Paco de Lucia?s nephew Antonio Sanchez, is new in the group ? 28 years old an excellent improviser and companion for Paco de Lucia.

He features his group, and gives room to improvisation for all his musicians. Exploding rhythms by Piraña, a shooting star as a percussionist. Other instruments formerly not known in traditional Flamenco ( like Antonio Serrano?s harmonica) or Alain Perez?s bass lines played with incredible skill like a guitar, which brings a beautiful colour into the music. The dramatic effect of the singers pulls the listener into another sphere.

In the best artistic period in Paco de Lucia?s carrier, will the audience experience a magical night.