Placebo till Sverige

Placebo till Sverige

Det var tjugo år sedan brittiska rockbandet Placebo släppte sin självbetitlade debut och det skall förstås firas.

Turnén 20 Years of Placebo World Tour drar i gång i Danmark den 13 oktober och tar sig sedan vidare till Sverige den 18 oktober för en konsert på Cirkus i Stockholm.

Sångaren Brian Molko utlovar en kavalkad av nya som gamla låtar. Så här skriver han i pressmeddelandet:

"Let's just say there will be songs in the set that I've sworn never to play again. I think it's time that we purposefully acknowledged what a lot of Placebo fans really want to hear. They've been very patient with us since we rarely play our most commercially successful material.  A 20 year anniversary tour seems like the right time to do so. That's our intention. This tour is very much for the fans and a chance for us to revisit a lot of our early material. So, if you want to see us play songs like 'Pure Morning' and 'Nancy Boy' which we haven't played in almost ten years and may not play again, then you'd better come along to these shows! We'll have some surprises in there too."


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