Mando Diao attackerade på scen – av arrangör

Mando Diao attackerade på scen – av arrangör

Under gårdagen gjorde Mando Diao Woodstock i Polen. Idag skickar de ut fb-statusen nedan, där det skrivs om att de ska ha blivit attackerade fysiskt på scen av självaste arrangören. Och att spelningen sedan avbröts. Läs hela meddelandet:

"To the fans that were at the Woodstock Poland festival yesterday. 
We have never experienced anything like it. That our show was cut off by the director of the festival after he started a physical conflict on the stage is unacceptable. We support the message of peace, love and understanding but after what happened we can only say it's all show and ego, aggression and control are the only things the top of the organization are. We were having a good time, there was great energy, we met some great people, and there was so much positive at the the festival that it's hard to understand that the very top of the festival organization could behave like that. Nobody attacks our staff or crew. Nobody. Sorry to the people that were disappointed. We have been looking forward to playing in Poland after such a long time and this was a bitter disappointment. We expect the festival to apologize for their behavior and to the fans because we and you all got screwed.

We look forward to coming back to Poland. Love".

I kommentarsfältet skriver vittnen till incidenten bland annat:

"This situation was awful, but you were AMAZING! It was a great feeling to hear you! Your energy, good vibes which you gave us - thank you for this! Much love to everyone of you!"

En annan skriver:

"But it looked like somebody stepped on stage that didn't belong there and told Jurek's cameraman from where he should film the band. This person was pushed away by the organizer. That's how it looked like."

Vi återkommer när vi vet mer.


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