Band bestulet utanför klubb

Band bestulet utanför klubb

Otis Tours (som är turnéagentur åt Radio Birdman, The Fleshtones med flera) har blivit bestulna utanför Pustervik i Göteborg under helgen. Även bandet Sleeping Beauties, som Otis Tours för närvarande är ute med, drabbades hårt. 

Via sociala medier skickar de ut ett rop på hjälp och samlar allt som rånarna fick med sig:

Dear friends,
these are very rough times
Yesterday morning, we were robbed of all of our equipment, instruments and personal belongings in Goteborg, Sweden, in front of the popular Pustervik venue, right in the center of town, in the worst possible way.
Both us and american band Sleeping Beauties, wich we're currently working with for their first European Tour, have now to face major losses.
This is a big blow for us.
If you can, please keep an eye on these things. They might show up on the internet, or local markets, or music shops. Please pass the word.
- Squier Jaguar bass, black with black headstock
- Fender Stratocaster Guitar (red) with soft case (with "Rubinoos" written on it)
- Pan SG guitar
- Bass chromatic tuner pedal/TU3
- Bass DF2 super feedback and distortion
- Malekko lo fi Ekko analog delay 6/6
- Black stompbox pedal Big Muff Triangle copy
- Yellow, blue and green Boutique Mod chorus and flange pedal
- Small green phaser, vibrato, flange, chorus pedal
- Glass slide for guitar
- 5 packs of Earnie Ball Super Slinky strings
- 2 tweed 15 foot instrument cables
- 5 short pedal cables (2 black, 1 neon green, 2 yellow)
- 1 ten spot power adapter
- 30 .63mm Dunlop picks
- Guitar modes and scales book
- Green Gretsch guitar hardcase with black handle
- TH100 Orange guitar head (twin channel)
- Bottom of Orange freight case
- Cannon 5D ii camera with 50mm lens
- GoPro
- MacBook Pro 15" with felt cover
- Gray Baby
- Earthquaker devices compressor pedal Warden
- Bass case
- 5th drive external
- Rat Proco turbo pedal
- Tuner TC electronic polytune pedal
- Clothes
- 1 red instrument cable
- 1 white instrument cable
- Pearl snare
- 1 Iphone 4 + cover with Radio Birdman logo

Send any info to: Ed Buckley O'Neill

Idag spelar Sleeping Beauties på Vielle Montagne i Stockholm och imorgon väntar Folk & Rock i Malmö.


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