The Hives-Pelle fyller 40 – här är 40 fantastiska citat

The Hives-Pelle fyller 40 – här är 40 fantastiska citat

Idag fyller The Hives frontman och en av svensk musiks största profiler Howlin' Pelle Almqvist 40 år. Den karismatiske sångaren har sagt ett och annat under sin karriär, och för att hylla honom på sin 40-årsdag har vi här publicerat 40 pang-citat, som visar lite vad det är för figur vi har att göra med. 

”Vi kunde åtminstone fått en scen stor nog för vårt ego. Det är lite trångt här.”

"I think you’ll come to realise that the last 15 minutes of our set was the best 15 minutes of the whole festival."

"We’re here to wear you out – some of you will want to cover your eyes, some will want to put cotton wool in your ears. The rest of you? I’m proud of you!"

MEST LÄST: Marilyn Manson avslöjar äcklig hemlighet

”Did you all buy a ticket or did you get one from someone famous or important?”

"We’re wearing what could possibly be the cutest outfits known to man. Turning a lot of straight men gay, and a lot of gay women straight!"

"We’re glad you wore your rubbers, because you’re about to get fucked!"

We are The Hives and you are not, we’re all going to have to live with that.”

“Anyone not a mute, scream.”

MEST LÄST: Festival ställer in efter två dödsfall

”Silence is not invited. Silence is not on the guest list. Silence didn’t know anyone in the music industry who could get him in tonight”.

”It’s something when five very handsome and talented swedes from the countryside can come to New York and teach you about rock’n’roll. This rock’n’roll band is really something, isn’t it?”

”This song is about me, possibly, it’s called Walk Idiot Walk.

”Pyrotechnics are for bands who don’t do anything on stage and need other stuff to do stuff for them. I am a human pyrotechnic.”

LÄS OCKSÅ: Olle Ljungströms egendomliga bilder ställs ut

”Vi vill än en gång tacka alla våra förband som värmt upp publiken i tre dagar.”

"They say that big city crowds, particularly London crowds, don’t get into it when a band performs. They say they’re too cool. You know what I say? Your band fucking sucks."

"Rock and roll these days has no confidence. It’s all about feeling small and sad and tired and everyone’s mean to me, whereas rock and roll, the way we look at it, should be about, ‘Look at me, I’m really happy and drunk, and I have a 20-foot penis.‘"

"Complicated music is for people with simple lives."

"As long as you scream ‘The Hives!’ at the top of your voice, nothing can go wrong in your life."

"It’s so hot my grammar is melting."

"There are a lot of magicians in town, but very few wizards. You are looking at five grand wizards."

"We wanted to play for people that didn't know anything about the band ... Maybe they hated us, but they're not the kind of audience that throws things at bands, so we were safe."

LÄS OCKSÅ: Singer-songwriterkväll med flera stora namn

“Fuck you, boo man, I’ll boo the shit out of your face.”

“We will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or broken teeth during this next song.”

“Moses, eat your heart out.”

"So many bands are like, 'I'm real because I'm dirty.' If you have money for guitars, you can afford soap."

"You do everything you weren't allowed to do in school. Jumping up and down, screaming, annoying people, and people love you for it."

"I don't have to promise myself anything. That's all part of the wonderfulness that is me."

LÄS OCKSÅ: Punkikonen och technoveteranerna gör gemensam sak

"This one is a B-side. For other bands … it would have been a single."

"I’ve come to the conclusion that the show gets worse if I drink a lot. It’s not that good being in front of thousands of people and feeling like shit.

"The Bad Brains were my hardcore band. They were always really serious. They had all this Rasta philosophy. It’s so energetic and fun that it makes you smile even if they’re singing about bad shit."

"The Hives is as much a faith and a belief as it is a band"

"Most musical movements are connected to pants. If you see a group picture and you look at the pants, you can kind of tell what they sound like."

LÄS OCKSÅ: Artist utslängd från Liseberg

”We’re gonna wrap this gift up with a pink and yellow ribbon and we’re gonna kick some ass on this one. Are you ready to get your ASS kicked?!”

“When I ask a question, yeah is the correct answer. What’s your favorite color? What’s the square root of 34? Do you love the Hives? More than you love your mom and dad?”

“Everybody please take a picture. I’ll smile, and you can walk out after that. I’ll fucking pose right now. And now, put those cameras away and dance. If you don’t want to do it for me, do it for yourself.”

“Clap and scream while I drink some water or I’ll kill you.”

”Everybody in the fucking VIP, you’re not that very important! You’re not that important just because you got more money for your tickets, sit down! Or just because you know someone in the mid-management of Coachella you’re not that important, sit down! That’s right I’m looking at you. I’m looking at you Tom Hanks”.

LÄS OCKSÅ: Petter och gigantisk storbildsskärm kickar igång VM-festen

"I just figured out this week, I’m celebrating 20 years of being an AC/DC fan. AC/DC was the first band I got a tape of, when I was six years old. I rediscovered them when I turned 20. They are the best, most consistent band I know of."

"We always talk about what is left to do as a band and the only thing we could think of was playing with AC/DC."

"This stage isn’t big enough to hold my ego, so I’m gonna join you guys!"

"Adding ‘the’ is like taking responsibility and saying, 'This is us.’ When bands call themselves something like Tortoise In The Snow, it seems like an attempt to make what you do less important than it is to you – almost shunning responsibility or defending yourself before the critique has even arrived."

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