Roligaste tweetsen om Eurovision

Roligaste tweetsen om Eurovision

I lördags var det äntligen dags för finalen i Eurovision Song Contest. Malmös gator fylldes av musikälskande turister från hela Europa och Sveriges förberedelser fick äntligen visas upp inför publik. Men samtidigt som showen tog full fart på Malmö Arena pågick en annan, lite kvickare show på Internet. Twitter översvämmades av åsikter, arga som glada och GAFFA har samlat några av de roligaste nedan:

Soran Ismail ‏‪@Soranismail

Bonnie Tyler har åldrats med värdighet. Minus själva värdigheten.

robin ‏‪@robinhoodi

In Sweden we love to make fun of ourselves while making fun of ourselves while making fun of ourselves.. ‪

Al Pitcher ‏‪@TheAlPitcher

If he changes YOU to JEW. We may have controversy.

Alcohol is free, eller som den heter i Sverige, Alcohol is very expensive and can only be bought in state owned stores - but not on sundays.

Jack Werner @kwasbeb

Just nu i green room hör man från ett mörkt hörn någon snyfta "all because of buuhuuu-huuuhuuuuööö".

Prince Charles ‏‪@Charles_HRH

Bonnie Tyler on the phone. Says she "should've listened to the satnav, when it told her to turn around". 

Lanie @tilanievos

Why aren't America in the Eurovision? #confused

Benjamin Lee ‏‪@benfraserlee

Did he just use ‪#beautifulgirl as a chat-up line? Is that why I'm vomiting through my fingers? 

Batman ‏‪@Ausxyy

Stop hashtag-ing. You are not on twitter, you're on the telly.

Sammy ‏‪@ICOEPR

And our 12 points go to the United Kingdom. Said no one. Ever.

Tim Stanley ‏‪@timothy_stanley

The UK can still win if the next 20 countries are populated entirely by deaf people ‪#eurovision

Al Pitcher ‏‪@TheAlPitcher

Fyfaaan Carl Bildt, strangest jacket ever worn by a Foreign Minister. War has been declared because of less.

Joe Lawton ‏‪@lawtonjoe

New UK immigration policy - you can only enter if your country gave us at least 5 points at ‪#eurovision

Moritz Schönleben ‏‪@dulcivivens

Things I'd never expected to see in my lifetime: dancing köttbullar with lingonberries on their heads …

Johannes Kleske ‏‪@jkleske

It's the fear of every song at some point dropping into dubstep that makes this ‪#esc2013 so gripping.

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