Hyllat svenskt band splittras – efter ett album

Hyllat svenskt band splittras – efter ett album

Feathered Arms och GAFFA har gått lite hand i hand under 2014. Bandet släppte en hyllad debut, som kanske inte fick så stor uppmärksamhet som den var värd, men i och med det hamnade den också på vår lista över årets mest förbisedda album.

Nu har Malmögruppen bestämt sig för att splittras. På Facebook är en dödsruna publicerad:

Officially dead!


So, it's been less than a year since your album came out and you're already calling it quits? Well, we're the product of years of hard work, joy, lively discussions and conflicts. The result of our collective work can be heard in the nine tracks that is our debut album and that will also be our epitaph. Feathered Arms was four individuals that came together for the love of making noise and to speak loudly of what we believe in and what we'd experienced. Unfortunately we've reached the point where we're not able to work together as a group anymore and we therefore have decided to peacefully withdraw. We're all extremely proud of what we leave to history - the future is still unwritten!

To all that have believed in and supported us, Punks Only, Stargazer Records, Tormina Records, artistic collaborators, promoters, radio stations, magazines, blogs - we are to you forever thankful.

To you that have bought our album, visited our shows, listened, applauded, cheered and shared - love from the deepest of our hearts.

To booking agents, venues and festivals we've had to cancel with and/or turn down within the last month - we're oh so sorry. Life is happening and sometimes you just can't predict and/or decide its outcome.

Please keep spreading our music and we'll keep it alive together.

Bye, for now
// Emil, Katja, Tobias and Mikael

Det svider att läsa, då vi vill tro att det här bandet hade mer att ge. Men förhoppningsvis kämpar de vidare i andra konstellationer. Vårt råd: lyssna på debuten och sprid så gott ni kan! Det är den värd.


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