''Struggles with deeply buried urges''

''Struggles with deeply buried urges''

Det är fredag, det är löningshelg och det är videopremiärsdags. Idag kan vi stoltsera med Witchriders – från exotiska Graz i Österrike – video till senaste singeln The Fog. Det blir animerade djur och rockmusik i en härlig symbios. 

– The new video continues our DIY style, as seen in the video for Shedevil, yet it's done in a very unique way of animation reminding of early Monty Python cut-out animations but with a state oft the art quality and even eye-candy 3D looks. We think it shows that we spend a lot of time again on this one, berättar bandet och fortsätter:

– The feeling of the video caters the dark vibe of the song The Fog and adds additional meaning to the songs lyrics by showing the journey that the humanoid Wolf has to go through in his struggles with deeply buried urges to find the place he really belongs. With freaky humanoid animals and an actual storyline you want to know what's going to happen next, we really tried to create an entertaining piece of art underlined by The Fog's catchy, groovy stoner rock tune.

Kolla in videon här nedan som är gjord av Daniel Dorninger och Michael Hirschmugl:


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