Svensk-amerikanskt band sprider ''poetic pornography''

Svensk-amerikanskt band sprider ''poetic pornography''

Barbarisms är ett svensk/amerikanskt band som har funnit inspiration i David Berman (The Silver Jews), Dan Bejar (Destroyer) och Bill Callahan (Smog). Igår släpptes bandets självbetitlade debutalbum och idag premiärvisar vi videon till singeln Gaudy Falsetto. Bandets amerikanske medlem, Nicholas Faraone, berättar:

Gaudy Falsetto, as a Barbarisms song, came from a song I wrote about 7 years ago. It resurfaced by accident while we were down in Målilla testing microphones and stuff. It's not really a song I would write again today, but it came from an impulse to parody that skill you find in Leonard Cohen songs, where he pulls off some really poetic pornography. I was talking to Simon about this the other day and he mentioned that Will Oldham has been toying with this kind of thing for a long time. I hadn't realized that. But it makes sense.

Förutom Nicholas Faraone ses även Tom Skantze och Robin af Ekenstam i Barbarisms som har releasefest ikväll (12 november) på Bar Brooklyn i Stockholm.


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