LÅTPREMIÄR: Sonic Syndicate – Still Believe

LÅTPREMIÄR: Sonic Syndicate – Still Believe

Är du ett fan av Sonic Syndicate har du förmodligen redan tagit del av låten Still Believe, då den lever och verkar på gruppens album Confessions från 2016. Men nu kommer den i en ny version och GAFFA står för premiären!

– I've always wanted to sing a duet with a female vocalist. I'm huge fan of hearing harmonies and alternate leads performed together with a male voice. So to get the chance to do this on CONFESSIONS was not only something brand new for us but a big accomplishment, and to do it with a such a sparky, talented girl like Madyx who really connected with the lyrics on a personal level made it even more special. It turned a good song into a unique song that stands out on the record, säger sångaren Nathan J Biggs till GAFFA och berättar vidare om låten:

– The lyrics are about a long distance relationship, a couple reminiscing about their time together on different continents, how the vibe of each city flavored their love for one another. However as the song goes along we realize it's not just heartache due to miles apart, the guy is talking to a girl who has passed away and she is replying from beyond the grave. It's beautiful, tragic and haunting. But I think true love can even survive death.

Lyssna på den nya versionen här:


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