Hyllar sina döda föräldrar med ny låt

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Liv är tillbaka med en ny låt. Bakom denna konstellation hittar vi Lykke Li och Björn YttlingAndrew Wyatt och Pontus Winnberg från Miike Snow. Gruppens senaste verk Hurts To Liv är en hyllning till Andrew Wyatts pappa och Lykke Lis mor som båda har gått bort.

I juli i år skrev Lykke Li, på Facebook, om sin mors bortgång:

"rip min vilda mamma. we've both got restless hearts but at least one of us is resting now, words can't describe what you meant to me and so many others, even as your child your energy and charisma was sometimes too much to really comprehend, everywhere we we're in the world, heads would turn for the true gypsy queen. a strong woman with a little girls heart and eyes, so adventurous, sensitive, imaginative, funny, beautiful, crazy and compassionate. i know I travel the world with familiarity and ease just because you showed it to me first; don't hustle a hustler. you we're so young and healthy, i mean really healthy; you would yell at us for using toothpaste and deodorant; i for sure thought you'd stick around at least a 100 years and we so looked forward you finally coming to LA to be a full time hippie granny; even til the end you we're already the best, making little songs, drawing books, skyping with dion in a full cat costume. i guess life sometimes wants different, as for so many other wild beautiful ones, is it because they lived seventeen lives already? i don't know and probably don't fully understand yet that you won't be calling me anymore, or come rushing through the door with your scarves and patchouli, your cat eyes and leather pants but i love you forever and will miss you for always kära mamma. i can only wish for a life as full as yours"

När hon nu spred låten på sin Facebook-sida återkom hon till sorgen:

"this song is dedicated to my dear mamma. it hurts so much more now. i miss you everyday. if only I would have told you more often how much i love you"

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