David Bowies Instagram-konto översköljs av kommentarer efter Greta Thunberg-status

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Under gårdagen laddade en person med tillgång till David Bowies officiella Instagram-konto upp en skiss på Greta Thunberg tillsammans med följande citat från David Bowie-klassikern Changes:

"And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're goin' through"

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Definitely worth a share if you've not already seen this. Messenger: Greta Thunberg Artwork: Yara Wilde (@yara_elizabeth) Lyric: David Bowie

Ett inlägg delat av David Bowie (@davidbowie)

Det har fått följare av kontot att reagera starkt. Många ifrågasätter om David Bowie hade godkänt ett sånt här "statement":

"David Bowie would have been too smart to waste time with Greta and her backers’ bullshit. WTF"

"David was much smarter than uncritical acceptance of doomsday propaganda."

"Great song love Bowie but please not this Greta thing she’s is being used! & brainwashed Research the facts on the climate issue Bowie wouldn’t fall for this"

"using a dead man’s account to post about politics. nice."

Medan andra har en annan syn på saken:

"This is a creative work of art. Yes- Bowie inspired the message they were putting forth. David’s words can inspire many others to add their own style of work with such strong lyrics. Take it as inspired art. Very cool. Strong message for so many. Relate or don’t. It’s wonderful."

"A powerful image that really expresses the lyrics. Wonderful! David Bowie is a profound artist. Your art adds a layer of depth."

"How can you follow David Bowie but not think he’d love Greta and everything she stands for???? That’s literally his quote??????????? Boi if you’re gonna unfollow because of this why were you following in the first place"

Var man än står man kan ändå säkerställa att Greta Thunberg skapar engagemang i alla läger.

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