Opeth-Mikael recenserar 5 Seconds Of Summer

Så går det när metalsnubbe går på pojkbandskonsert.

Opeths frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt fick enorm uppmärksamhet när han för ett tag sedan recenserade One Directions spelning i Stockholm. Nu har han gjort det igen, alltså recenserat ett pojkband och det skedde något spontant i en intervju med Music Feeds.

I intervjun kommer de in på när Mikael Åkerfeldt och hans dotter såg One Directions förband, 5 Seconds Of Summer, i Stockholm:

"I think we were in our seats, say, around 6 o'clock and the show was gonna start at 7:30, so we were there really early. And it was the most aggressive commercial campaign, for this Australian band, that I have ever seen.

They have the big screens on the side of the stage and every two minutes, I'm not joking, there was an ad for their new record and then the third minute there was a video for one of the songs and then another ad and then another video.

It was like super aggressive. They were just directing this band towards this massive crowd of 60,000 young girls like, 'Okay, you're gonna like this band now.' They were compelling the crowd to like this band. And at 7:30, 3… 30 Seconds of Summer was on stage and the crowd were fans of them."

Mikael Åkerfeldt pratar vidare om ett konsertupplägg som var rakt igenom hjärntvättande:

"It's complete brainwashing! And this band, young guys. The drummer, to be fair, he could play. He seemed to be the tough guy. They were more of a rock band, they played their own instruments, but it was complete bubblegum rock. If you think Green Day is cheesy, take it up like 2000 notches and you get this band. But the crowd was like, 'Wow.'"

Vad betyget hamnade på kan vi dock bara spekulera i.